3eD&E- Webquest

Street Art webquest

3eEURO- Thursday, April 16th

Watch the video about Abraham Lincoln in the video section and fill in the worksheet handed out in class.

5eB- Monday, March 31st

The Battle of Hastings
Edward was king of England, but he didn’t have any children. When he died, Harold, a Saxon, and William, the Duke of Normandy, wanted to become king. William crossed the Channel and in October 1066, he fought at the Battle of HAstings, against Harold. Harold died in the battle, and William became king.

3eEURO- Thursday, March 5th/ Friday, March 6th

Here are the online versions of the worksheets you need to fill in. Use them to click on the links (it’ll be faster than typing in everything!)



Remember: in the second worksheet, you don’t need to write full sentences. Notes are fine, as long as you remember what you mean!

4eA&B- Monday, February 9th

Chapter 5: Adventures and Records

pict 1

Picture 1: On the picture,we can see a man at the top of a moutain. He is surrounded by snow, clouds and we can see the summit of other high mountains in the background. The man has probably climbed the moutain. He is adventurous and bold (he isn’t afraid of danger). He is sitting down and he is melting some ice, maybe he wants to drink it. Everything looks very calm and peaceful.

National geographic adventure

Picture 2: This is the cover of ‘Adventure’ magazine. The ‘N‘ in the title represents the North, and there is a circle around it, as if it were a compass, a little object adventurers use to find their way/ so they don’t get lost. In the center of the page, we can see the title of an article ‘Alive’. We understand that it deals with a survival story. The little picture of a plane next to the title shows us that it is probably a survival story after a plane crash.

5eB- Friday, January 30th

Copy the following summary in your notebook. Respect the colors please! I will check your copybooks on Monday.

Likes and dislikes 

The four teenagers are talking about their favorite hobbies and activities.  Tom is fond of watching TV. He likes musicals very much but he doesn’t really like museums. Katie doesn’t like museums either. She loves shopping, but she doesn’t like horse- riding at all. Donna absolutely loves horse-riding and she often rides her horse in Central Park. Jack is crazy about sports activities.

Donna suggests that they all go to the top of the Empire State Building to admire the view: they can see Manhattan, Ground Zero, Central Park and the Hudson River from the top of the building.

Have a nice weekend!

3eEURO- Friday, January 30th

Homework for next week:

– Don’t forget that your work ( poster and questionnaire) on the dangers of social networks is due next Thursday at the beginning of class.

– Watch the video called ‘Ignorify’ and fill in the worksheet handed out in class.


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