4C, D&E- Wednesday, January 24th

Here’s the cartoon you can use to make up your final task story. You can color it, use the black and white pictures, or (even better!) draw your own…

New ENJOY English 4e, éditions Didier 2014, page 52

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3eE- Thursday, November 16th

RED– Vocab

Verbs: to pick on someone/ to pick up someone/ to wait for/ to annoy/ to bother/ to empty/ to laugh at/ to call someone names/ to insult/ to hang out

Adjectives: alone/ lonely/ sad/ depressed/ cute/ handsome/

Nouns: a bully/ bullies/ the schoolyard/ the sidewalk/ the basketball court

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3eF&E- Tuesday, October 3rd- AP


Sally is a waitress. She works in a diner. She has one customer (client) who wants a burger. The man is on the phone, he‘s working. He is bossy, disagreeable, and very rude and arrogant. He is wearing a suit and a tie. He is impatient and wants his burger quickly. Sally wants the cook to prepare the burger, but he doesn’t want to do it because hes on a break. Sally has to cook. Shes tired. A new customer arrives. He empties his pocket and takes out two dollars. He asks for a grilled cheese sandwich but he changes his mind because he wants to leave a tip. He orders a muffin. When Sally brings the 1st customer his burger, he complains because the steak is burnt. He is angry and wants another one.

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