3eA&B- Friday, March 31st

Here’s what we did in class on Captain America. To help you, you can watch the video extract we saw in class in the video section. Here’s the vocab we used to describe the film scene and the magazine cover. If you click on the pictures, you’ll be able to analyze them more easily.

Vocab (from the film scene):

the best men, weapons, the men are going to get better, the best minds in the free world, the best army in history, super-soldiers, smart, cunning,  training,  doing push ups,  a dummy grenade,  training camp,  military training,  a uniform, a helmet,  obstacle course,  barbed wire,

slower, faster, stronger, weaker, smarter, more intelligent, bigger, a bully, brave, selfless, selfish, skinny, courageous

quotes: “escort Adolf Hitler to the gates of hell”; “qualities beyond the physical”, “you don’t win wars with niceness, you win wars with guts”

Vocab (from the magazine cover):

a magazine cover, the cover of the magazine, a drawing, a shield, a helmet, the star spangled banner, the American flag, stars and stripes, wings, the bald eagle, an emblem, a symbol, muscular, muscles, a hero, a villain, a superhero, a super-villain, communists, commies, the hammer and sickle, suspense, action, to attack from behind, guns, weapons, a coward, cowardice, bravery, fright, scared, frightened, scared to death, to get rid of, to defy, a horde, barbarians, animals, a Greek statue, mythology

The center of the picture, the most important words, to stand out, to defeat, to fight, to combat, to resist, to succeed, to manage to

And here is what you need to think about/ describe/ analyze for our next class. Don’t forget that everything is important (not only the pictures and colors used, but also the vocab and grammar (especially verb tenses) chosen).

copyrights: http://marvel.com/comics/issue/23244/captain_america_comics_1941_78




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4eA&E- Friday, March 24th

Here are some links if you want to practice asking questions in the simple past:







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3eA&B-Tuesday/ Wednesday, March 7th/8th

Have your own Oscar ceremony and give out awards to the stars on the picture. You can use the adjectives given but you don’t have to, you can find your own.

Don’t forget: the most + adj long/ the adj court+est in the world/ in Hollywood/ in the film “…”/ in the series “…” etc


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3e- Friday, February 3rd

Two new videos in the video section.

3eE: Watch the two videos we watched in class yesterday, and practice singing!

For the other 3e, listen to the video trailer and try to understand it. You can also practice “used to” with the Gotye song. Enjoy!

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