5eE- Tuesday, April 1st

- Cours à copier dans le cahier:
Sears Tower:
How high is the Sears Tower?
The Sears tower is four hundred and forty-two point three meters high.
When did the construction start? It started in nineteen seventy.
Niagara Falls:
How high are Niagara Falls?
They are one hundred and sixty-seven feet high.
Where are Niagara Falls?
They are between Canada and the USA. They are at the border of Canada and the USA.
Chrysler Building:
How high is the Chrysler Building without the antenna?
It’s nine hundred and twenty-five feet high.
How high is the building with the antenna? It’s one thousand and forty-six feet high.

5eD & E- Friday, March 7th

- Correction des exercices (fiches distribuées)


- Good morning Olive. Tell me what you can do.

- Well, I can sing and I can dance very well.

- Can you act?

Yes, I can.

- Can you play the piano?

- Sorry, I can’t, but I can do gymnastics.

- What else can you do?

- I can do hip hop!

- Excellent!

Ex4: Goûts de Emily et Anita:

- Emily likes riding a bike but Anita hates it. 2) - Emily and Anita like skiing. 3) - Emily loves playing football but Anita hates it. 4) - Emily doesn’t enjoy playing the drums but Anita loves it.


Ex1: faire des phrases avec CAN et les goûts:

- Tom Cruise can cook very well. He likes playing baseball.

- Woody Allen can ply the clarinet. He loves watching films.

Scarleet Johansson can’t play the clarinet. She is crazy about lpaying board games.

Ex2: Faire des phrases à propos des goûts

1- They are keen on swimming. 2- They love surfing on the net/ they love playing computer games. 3- She enjoys listening to music. 4- They are fond of singing. 5- She is crazy about cooking. 6- He doesn’t like shopping. 7- He likes gardening very much.

Ex3- a) Damian is a good musician. He plays the piano and the bass guitar. b) Do you play a musical instrument? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t. c) Does your favorite actor live in France? Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t. d) Where does President Obama work? He works at the White House. e) Dan and Sarah don’t like horror movies. They prefer comedies. f) It usually rains in winter.

Ex 4. a) How often do you practice a sport? b) How often do you eat fruit? c) How often do you walk to school? d) How often do you watch tv? e) How often do you eat fast food?

Ex 5- a) I practice swimming three times a week. b) I eat fruit once a day. c) I never walk to school. d)I watch tv every day. e) I eat fast food twice a month.

4eB- Tuesday, March 4th

- Here are the practice exercises you’ll need to study for the test on Thursday. Do the exercises by yourself, and then check the answers below. Good luck!

Practice Exercises correction

3eD&E- Friday, January 24th

Listen to the following radio show and fill in the worksheet handed out in class.

3eD- Tuesday, January 21st



This document is an ad by the WWF. It shows Darth Vador, skipping in a flower field, holding his laser sword in one hand and a basket of freshly picked flowers in the other. He reminds us of the Little Red Riding Hood, and of The little house on the prairie. The caption on top of the picture reads: "For once, the dark side saves the planet". This document encourages us to turn off the lights as often as we can in order not to waste electricity and our planet’s resources.

3eD&E- Friday, January 10th

Click on the link below once you’ve done the exercises to check what you’ve done. Don’t hesitate to print the document and glue the first part in your notebook (I added a few things so you’d understand better.)

Let’s go to Hollywood- revisions correction

4eB- Exercises for Monday, December 9th

Here are the three exercises you need to do for Monday:

Choose between the simple past and the past be + ing:

I- I (watch) TV when my wife called me. When she  (look) up, I realized that she was crying. I immediately (think) that something terrible had happened. Actually, a mouse (run) in the kitchen. I (open) the door and it left. It was late and my son  (sleep). I  (switch) off the light in his bedroom, but he (hear) me and he woke up. So, I (decide) to read a story but while I (read), I realized that he had fallen asleep again.

1. He (come) back home very late yesterday. He was very late.

2. She (watch) TV when it began raining.

3. She (dream) when the phone rang.
4. Two years ago they (live)  in Toulon, not in Paris.
5. I (tell) her to drive carefully when we were going by car to Paris.

6. I (play) the piano two hours ago, at 6 o’clock PM.

7. They (listen) to music when the earthquake suddenly hit.

8. They (get up) early last Sunday.
9. Lynda (drink) coffee when my aunt phoned her.
10. They (listen) to music when I saw them.


- Last night, we (play) Monopoly when we (hear) a terrible scream outside.
- What (you/do) then?
- We all (go) outside to see what (go on).
- And what (you /discover)?
- A man(lie) on the floor with a knife in his back.
- (you/ find) any clues?
- Yes! We (look) for clues everywhere and we(find) a watch on the floor.
- Of course we(do) call the police. And we  (give) them the watch.
- (they/ arrest) the murderer?
- They(tell /not) us.
If you want to practice more, go to:


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