3eD- Wednesday, November 18th

Here’s the answer key for today’s homework about famous crime writer Agatha Christie (Thank you Manon!):

British writer of crime and detective fiction, Dame Agatha Christie (1891 - 1976).   (Photo by Walter Bird/Getty Images)

British writer of crime and detective fiction, Dame Agatha Christie (1891 – 1976). (Photo by Walter Bird/Getty Images)

  • When and where was she born ? She was born in 1890 in the UK .
  • What did Agatha study ?Agatha studied piano and singing.
  • When did she write her first novel?She wrote her first novel in 1920.
  • When did she marry ?She married Archibald in 1914 .
  • What happened in 1914 ?She married Archibald .
  • How many times did she marry ?She married 2 times / twice .
  • How many children did she have ?She had 1 daughter .
  • When did she die ?She died in 1976.
  • How many detective novels did she write ?She wrote more than 60 novels .
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3eB,C&D- Monday, November 16th

Here are some of the questions you might have asked your friend during the pair work to get the answers you needed:

When was Hitchcock born? Where was he born? How many brothers and sisters did he have? What did he study? Why didn’t he do his military service? When did he direct his first film? Who did he marry? When did he marry her? How many children did they have? What was Alma’s job? What famous films did he make? How many films did he direct? When did Hitchcock die? How did he die?

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3eC- Friday, November 13th

Here’s a summary of what we wrote in our notebook today:

  • Let’s ask questions about Hitchcock’s life:

1.What happened in 1914?/ Who died in 1980?

Lorsque who et what sont sujet: WH + V au prétérit + comp + ?

2.Why did his father send him to prison? 

WH+ Aux did + S +BV+comp+?

3.Why was he afraid of the law?

Afficher l'image d'origine Avec BE, on n’utilise pas did! WH+ was/were+ S+ Comp+?

Dans les questions fermées (yes/no questions), on n’utilise pas de mot interrogatif (WH).


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3eC- Tuesday, November 10th

Alfred Hitchcock: How it all started…

Because he made thrillers and suspense films, people always thought that Hitchcock must have been a monster. But he was quite the opposite: Image2he was a very calm man.

The only thing he was afraid of was the police. He was so scared of the law that he never drove a car: he couldn’t get a ticket if he didn’t drive!

But why was he so scared of the law?


When he was a little boy, his father sent him to the local police station with a note for the officer on duty, and the policeman locked him in a cell.

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