3eA, B & E- Monday/ Tuesday, October 3rd/4th


Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin is standing in front of his locker. Moe is holding him up and wants to punch him in the face. Moe is much bigger than Calvin, he looks stronger too. He seems to be more aggressive than the little blond boy. Moe is the school bully. He’s cruel and heartless.

Calvin, the victim, is helpless. He’s weaker than the big guy. His eyes show he’s scared, even terrified. He’s not as violent as Moe, and can’t fight back. He’s less hostile than the bully.

Vocab: hit, punch, kick, slap, shove (push violently), threaten (a threat), to extort money, lunch, lunch money, a snack, highlights, bangs

Why is he threatening Calvin?

to extort money from him, for his lunch, to take his lunch money, to take his snack, just for fun, just because he can



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5eA- Monday, October 3rd

Here’s the summary of what we heard in class today:

Barack Obama was born on the 4th of August 1961, in Hawaii, USA. He is President of the United States.

Here’s what you’ll have to say (next class) using the information in your notebook:

Angelina Jolie was born on June 4th (fourth), 1975, In Los Angeles, California. She‘s an actress.

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 15th (fifteenth), 1984, in NY. He‘s the creator of Facebook.

Stephanie Meyer was born on December 24th (twenty-fourth), 1973, in Connecticut. She‘s a writer.

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3eA, B & E- September 29th: Your first task!

Here are some guidelines regarding the task you have to do for this week:

Remember, the goal is to introduce yourself using keywords that describe you best.

Warning: you need to make sure that you have silverlight on your computer for tagxedo to work! 

If you really can’t get it to work, don’t worry: make a list of 20 words or expressions on a piece of paper. 

Use the worksheets we worked on in class (new words, expressions etc)!

  1. Go to tagxedo.com
  2. In the top right hand corner, click on “create
  3. Select a shape (you can even upload any shape you choose, or even a picture of yourself!) The shape is part of your project, you’ll have to explain why you chose it…
  4. Click on “theme” and choose a set of colors for your picture. The colors have to represent you as well. For example, if you’re a very girly girl, choose a set of pinks; if you love the sea and the ocean, choose a set of blues…
  5. Click on “load”, go to “enter text” and enter your keywords (At least 20 words!!): for example “America, NY, impatient, trustworthy, funny, reading, series” etc.
  6. Save your work (you can send it to me via pronote or bring it to class on a flashdrive (USB memory stick), or PRINT it.
  7. There you have it! You’re now ready to practice for your oral presentation!

(Ex: Hi, my name’s X. I’m a little impatient but I can also be silly sometimes! My friends can count on me, I’m very trustworthy: I never reveal secrets. I’m quite stubborn: I don’t like changing my mind once it’s made up.  I love playing board games like 7 wonders, but what I prefer is watching series on TV….)

Here’s an example for you:


Here are the grading criteria:


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