3eB- Wednesday, January 18th

The mysterious Stalker

Watch the video in the video section and write down the sentences missing on your worksheet. Place them in the description column when the tense used is be + ing, in the action column if it’s the simple past tense.

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4eE- Tuesday, January 17th

We’ll finish studying for your test on Friday morning. You’ll take the test in the afternoon. So you can finish the worksheet on your own at home, and we’ll correct it Friday. Good luck with your studying! 🙂

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3eA, B & E- Monday/ Tuesday, October 3rd/4th


Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin is standing in front of his locker. Moe is holding him up and wants to punch him in the face. Moe is much bigger than Calvin, he looks stronger too. He seems to be more aggressive than the little blond boy. Moe is the school bully. He’s cruel and heartless.

Calvin, the victim, is helpless. He’s weaker than the big guy. His eyes show he’s scared, even terrified. He’s not as violent as Moe, and can’t fight back. He’s less hostile than the bully.

Vocab: hit, punch, kick, slap, shove (push violently), threaten (a threat), to extort money, lunch, lunch money, a snack, highlights, bangs

Why is he threatening Calvin?

to extort money from him, for his lunch, to take his lunch money, to take his snack, just for fun, just because he can



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