4eC, D &E- Friday, January 19th

Here’s the key to the exercises that will help you study for your test: 

CREEPY STORIES- correction

Good luck! 

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3eE- Thursday, November 16th

RED– Vocab

Verbs: to pick on someone/ to pick up someone/ to wait for/ to annoy/ to bother/ to empty/ to laugh at/ to call someone names/ to insult/ to hang out

Adjectives: alone/ lonely/ sad/ depressed/ cute/ handsome/

Nouns: a bully/ bullies/ the schoolyard/ the sidewalk/ the basketball court

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3eF&E- Tuesday, October 3rd- AP


Sally is a waitress. She works in a diner. She has one customer (client) who wants a burger. The man is on the phone, he‘s working. He is bossy, disagreeable, and very rude and arrogant. He is wearing a suit and a tie. He is impatient and wants his burger quickly. Sally wants the cook to prepare the burger, but he doesn’t want to do it because hes on a break. Sally has to cook. Shes tired. A new customer arrives. He empties his pocket and takes out two dollars. He asks for a grilled cheese sandwich but he changes his mind because he wants to leave a tip. He orders a muffin. When Sally brings the 1st customer his burger, he complains because the steak is burnt. He is angry and wants another one.

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4eC- Tuesday, October 3rd

Speaking about tastes:

(x) hate= can’t stand= can’t bear= don’t like… at all

(-) don’t like= don’t really like

(=) don’t mind

(+) like= enjoy= be fond of= be keen on

(++) really like= like very much

(+++) love= be crazy about

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