5eA- Monday, September 19th

Here’s today’s lesson, in case you didn’t have time to finish writing it!

Joanna’s class

Joanna is very excited about her first day. She is in 8B, a nice class, with Dan, but she isn’t with her best friend Daisy. Last year (2015-2016), Daisy and Joanna were together. This year (2016-2017), Daisy, Joe and Sam are in the same class, 8C.

Joanna has got homework. She must present a celebrity to the class.


Here’s the answer key for the exercise on Ellen page:


Ellen Page isn’t a great singer. She‘s an actress.

Her mother isn’t a graphic designer. She‘s a teacher.

Her father isn’t a teacher. He‘s a graphic designer.

She wasn’t Monica in Inception. She was Ariane.

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3eE- Tuesday, September 13th

Important change!

Periods 1 and 3:

Your Tuesday English class from 4:10 to 5:05 has been switched to Mondays. You will now have English class on Mondays from 3:15 to 4:10.You will therefore finish at 4:10 on Mondays, and on Tuesdays as well.

Periods 2 and 4:

You will have P.E. on Mondays, as is written on your schedules, and you will have English on Tuesdays from 4:10 to 5:05.

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3eA- Tuesday, September 6th

Chapter 1

Me and my clique

Someone who is patient is someone who doesn’t mind waiting.
Someone honest is someone who tells the truth, who doesn’t lie.
Someone bold is not afraid of danger.
Listening: Jeremy:
Jeremy is honest, a little bit touchy, easily-scared and he’s very easy-going.
He’s also caring (=generous, not selfish).
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